Short stories

I’m still working on this page. Bear with me while I get it sorted… might take a few weeks.

I’ve written a bit of short fiction over the years, and some of it has been published. My first sales were to the New Zealand children’s radio programme EARS, and I believe they are still broadcast from time to time! My complete bibliography is listed below, and I hope to add to it as time goes by.

 “Will I Go To Earth, Mother?” – Radio New Zealand EARS programme, 1992.

“All the Time In the World” – Radio New Zealand EARS programme, 1993.

“GOD” Takahe, 1994

“Vanessa Imagines” Takahe, 1995

“The Prodigy” Antipodean Tales, IPL Publishing, 1995

“The Persistence of Memory” Albedo One, #31, 2005

“The Society of Bearded Men”, The Willows #3, 2007.

“Looking Out For Number One” Abyss & Apex, #24, 2007

“Prudential Crime & Punishment Presents… Dick Dale in Insured For Murder”, Premonitions: Causes For Alarm, Pigasus Press, 2008

“Original Mike’s Coffee Shop”, GM Fictions, Genomics Forum 2009


I published my short novel State of Change in ten weekly episodes over on its own blog. You can download the whole thing as a pdf from here.

In addition, I was co-editor, with Warwick Bennet, of the anthology of New Zealand SF, Rutherford’s Dreams: An Anthology of New Zealand Science Fiction, published by IPL Publishing (NZ) in 1995.