“Patrick Hudson’s bold approach ensures that Panoptica is refreshingly appealing in its briskly paced jumble of satirical plot and polemical digressions.” The Zone

“The relentless pace, the madness, the often chaotic leap from exaggerated voyeuristic concept to the people’s endless appetite for ‘the show’ is perfect … a terrifically fun and entertaining read.” – Future Fire Reviews

“Panoptica feels like a warped dream or a British Thomas Pynchon.” Sift Book Reviews

In the future, CCTV surveillance and reality TV celebrity desperation collide to create a world where the lines between public and private, reality and fiction are utterly confused.

Titus Spring, a puritanical dissenter from the media-ocracy, finds himself starring on the game show justice system of the future when he is framed for the murder of the King of England, Hugh Grant the Fourth. In a world where the camera never lies the only person who believes him is his barrister, fading popstar tribute act Robbie Williams the Third.

Together they must prove his innocence or Titus Spring will face the biggest mega-super-bonus-prize in broadcast history – an all-star celebrity execution.

Panoptica up-ends every dystopian cliché you’ve ever heard. It’s a technicolour cartoon version of Brave New World. It’s 1984 with knob gags.

If you love sci fi satire in the best tradition of Pohl & Kornbluth, Douglas Adams and 2000AD, then Panoptica is the satirical novel of celebrity, surveillance and media manipulation you’ve been waiting for!