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The pile, she grows.

Something I try and avoid is piling up too many books in the “too read” pile. I am basically a childish type, who bristles under the yoke of authority: that’s why I never got on with the idea of canon

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The Butt by Will Self

Well Self is a sci fi writer. He tries to hide it, but a brief glance at his oeuvre should be enough to convince. It’s there in the title story of his first collection of short stories “The Quantity Theory

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Committed to paper

Mulling over Will Self’s rules for writing again, I was struck in a moment of pychedelic insight by the punning phrase “committed to paper”. In these days of the internet and ereaders, it’s a strangely resonant phrase.

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Ten Rules for Writing Fiction

Generally speaking articles like the Guardian’s Ten Rules for Writing Fiction make me a little quaesy. The entries are often sarky or whimsical, and even those that really try and address the topic boil down to “read a lot, write

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