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Normal service will be resumed soon

Yeah, well, I’ve had a bit of a summer break. Things are settling down here on planet Patrick, and I hope to be blogging again soon. Hang in there, true believer!

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Sister Planet by Poul Anderson

First published in Sattelite Science Fiction, February 1959. And so we come to the end. This is the last story in The Golden Age of Science Fiction (and therefore the last story in my great classic SF read-a-thon, but we’ll

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Print volumes from SF Gateway?

I don’t usually get excited about consumables, but it looks like the SF Gateway digital imprint (of Orion/Gollancz) is going to start bringing out print editions. Check out this collection of Jack Vance goodies. A similar volumes coming out of

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Panoptica free download on 29 February 2012!

Do you love me? Well consider this my womanly proposal! Panoptica will be free to download on 29 February for one day only. After this, the price is going up to £1.99 UK and $3.99 US (to level the playing

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Funny article about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Rock thus joins that infamous roster of villains that includes Maréchal Pétain, Benedict Arnold, Judas Iscariot, Darth Vader and Rod Stewart, all talented individuals who voluntarily went over to the dark side. His name will forever be linked with

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Comics Covers Covered

What a great site! To Acres of fantastic stuff after the link.

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No short fiction Wednesday this week

Sorry, readers, I’ve been a bit busy this week and haven’t had the time to think about stories. It’ll be back next Wednesday, though, so come back then!

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Twenty-four carat AWESOME!

Via Mostly Forbidden Zone.

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Superman vs Batman

Can’t you just see Clark Kent weeping a silent tear? “Why does no one love me? *sob*”

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Metropolis: further lost scenes restored

Rejoicing in film nerd circles as more lost scenes are found from Metropolis. Yes, EVEN MORE lost scenes. How long WAS this movie on first release? I remember the big hiss and roar that accompanied the Moroder soundtrack version in

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