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If you like my incisive SF criticism, you will love my peurile knob gags

It’s the moment the world’s been waiting for! I have finally conceded to the pleading of my many fans to pick up the mic and give stand-up comedy a go. I’m currently honing my act at open mic nights around

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Panoptica by Patrick Hudson

Well, chums, I’ve been and gone and done it. My novel-length satire Panoptica is now available at and presumably in other territories, too. It’s got a Facebook page, even.Click the link for some back cover blurb! In the future,

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Puckoon by Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan was a staple of my childhood. Dad was a big fan of The Goons, and used to play cassette’s of their old shows on his stereo, and the script books hung around the house forever as part of

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The Butt by Will Self

Well Self is a sci fi writer. He tries to hide it, but a brief glance at his oeuvre should be enough to convince. It’s there in the title story of his first collection of short stories “The Quantity Theory

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Big Babies – New Series!

Looks like there’s a new series of Big Babies on CBBC. Yesterday the boys went to the market where they met – inevitably – the Gonch, selling dodgy gnomes. You can still watch it on iPlayer, if you’re quick –

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Robo-Hunter: The Droid Files Vol 1

Robo Hunter is another series I remember well from when I was a kid. I knew Ian Gibson’s art from some early Judge Dredd stories (I think he did the Mutie the Pig/Rico stories, which were the first Dredd stories

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Whatever happened to all the fun in the world?

An interesting essay in the Guardian today (or yesterday, rather) about the somewhat subdued non-genre comics scene. Every few months since the dawn of time – or, at least, since Superman first fled Planet Krypton – articles have appeared in

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Wisdom from John K

Ren & Stimpy was probably as important in the development in my sense of humour as Monty Python. Just the other Sunday I spent a couple of hours chuckling over old R&S cartoons with my daughter (who’s four) and loved

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