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If you like my incisive SF criticism, you will love my peurile knob gags

It’s the moment the world’s been waiting for! I have finally conceded to the pleading of my many fans to pick up the mic and give stand-up comedy a go. I’m currently honing my act at open mic nights around

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The Best of the Best edited by Gardner Dozois

Unlike the volumes I read last year in my survey of classic science fiction, this doesn’t come with an exhaustive historical or critical essay as an introduction. Instead we get a celebratory foreword from Robert Silverberg and a brief preface

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Happy birthday Uncle Bill

Today is the 100th birthday of William S Burroughs. I had the good fortune to meet him at his home in Lawrence, Kansas back in 1995. That’s me in the middle. On the right is my friend Gil Bavel. Happy

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Thinks and links: Creativity

It’s basically all this guy’s fault. In light of the short story The Country of the Kind, I’ve been thinking a bit about creativity. This story suggests that creativity is a necessary curse that we must endure if we’re to

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Rise of the Robots: reading log, third quarter 2013

Once more the clock of the year arrives at quarter to midnight… well, practically ten-to now, but I’m doing the best I can here. It’s been a busy quarter covering the summer holiday period, although I know I make that

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The End of Summer

And so summer comes to an end. Oh yes, I know it’s only the middle of August, but I’ve had my holidays and now begin settling in for work once more. While I was away, I found this at The

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Reading report Q1 2013: Kindle is King

For me, the first quarter of this year was dominated by February, when I fled the winter chill of London for a month of summer in my antipodean mother land. I won’t bore you with how great it all was

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I, Robot – part 1: Introduction

NB: I do eventually get to I, Robot! Don’t you ever ask yourself, ‘how did I get here from there?’ It’s one of my favourite trains of thought, lying awake when sleep seems far away and the dark is haunted

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Marvel Essential Warlcock – part 8

Strange Tales featuring Warlock #180 This is the first issue of an American-style comic I can remember seeing. I think my brother brought it home from a trip in to London, perhaps with the scouts. I was used to typical

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Harry Harrison is dead!

  I have always considered The Stainless Steel Rat as the book that moved me from kiddy fair to ‘grown-up’ books when I read it 10 years old. It was a revelation to me in its witty approach and

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