If you like my incisive SF criticism, you will love my peurile knob gags


It’s the moment the world’s been waiting for! I have finally conceded to the pleading of my many fans to pick up the mic and give stand-up comedy a go. I’m currently honing my act at open mic nights around London, and you my many admirers are cordially invited to witness it.

Upcoming gigs

14 May – The Camden Head, Angel

This one fills up quick so get there as soon as you can ahead of the 8pm start time. It’s free on the door, but they pass the bucket after – to put money in, not vomit in you sick monkey!

This one will be my official début! Don’t miss this historic show which you will no doubt tell your descendants about and will become part of your family legendary for generations to come.

Details here

27 May – The Bedford Pub, Balham

The night begins at 8.30 and tickets cost £3.

Details here

16 June – The Regent, Angel

Not sure when this one opens, but it’s typically 8pm, so get there early to get a seat. Entry is £4 on the door.

Details here

I’ll be adding a dedicated comedy page to this site in the fullness of time, that will keep you abreast of upcoming gigs and host video and all sorts of other pointless wastes of time. It’s an exciting new way for me to fail, and I just know that it’s going to make all my previous failures look like mere setbacks. Stay tuned!

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